Pyhäjärvi is an ideal place for living and entrepreneurship. We are located in the middle of Finland close to road and rail links (at the intersection of Finnish national road 4 and major road 27). Starting from October, 10th, 2001 Pyhäjärvi town has corporatized its livelihood and business services under the responsibility of Pyhäjärven Kehitys Ltd.  Since the beginning of 2005 the livelihood services of the sub-region Nivala-Haapajärvi have been shifted to the sub-regional developing company Nihak.


Illuminated billboard in the market square

The advertising and information billboard in the market square “Makasiinintori” was realized within the PyhäCash project. The billboard doesn’t only provide firms and entrepreneurs with more information. It also provides the opportunity to buy advertising space. Tmi Mainostuuli Harri Heikkilä (tel. +358 400 685 968) accounts for the maintenance of the billboard as well as selling advertising space.

Our services

  • hire of business premises and construction
  • servicesservices related to the establishment of firms
  • evaluation and testing of business ideas
  • business planning
  • financial advice
  • project counselling
  • analysis concerning the profitability of working companies
  • instruction in succession and change of ownership
  • tailored training services
  • investment consultancy and business premises service
  • developing projects

We advise and guide you in all questions related to entrepreneurial activities!
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