Fairs and marketing

Financial support for fairs and marketing amounts to 50 % of the costs per year and firm and 500 € (VAT0 %) at the most. The expenses covered by exhibition funding refer to participation expenditures but exclude travel and accommodation costs. Illuminated advertisements and billboards on the estates of the firm, display windows, stickers and taping used in transport, making and updating homepages, advertising (brochures, e-material, pens, pencils, roll-up products, banderoles, business cards, work clothes embroidery and printing costs), signposts (Finnish Transport Agency)  are part of fundable marketing costs, too. Newspaper advertising is excludes from funding.

Teaching and consulting

Financial support for teaching and consulting amounts to 50% of the costs and 500 €(VAT 0%) at the most. Funded will be both, entrepreneurs’ and employees’ training. Financially supported consulting applies to expert services and business development.

Facade funding

Facade funding amounts to 50% of the costs and 500€(VAT 0%) at the most.  It is meant to enhance the outward appearance of company-owned buildings and yards, but mustn’t be used for investments.

Other forms of support

Pyhäjärven Kehitys Ltd. can take part in shareholding of starting and expanding firms by less than 25%.
Share ownership is always temporary. Pyhäjärven Kehitys Ltd. can also grant market specific loans intended to back investments made by starting, enlarging or to Pyhäjärvi shifting firms. This requires commitment to the firm and sufficient entrepreneur self- indebted guarantee.

Support of livelihood by Pyhäjärvi town

The town of Pyhäjärvi can grant 50% financial support for the construction of the new industrial hall.
The support is given for connecting costs related to municipal engineering and as loan guarantee for investments made by developing firms.